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About Beacon Center

Lighting the Way

Beacon Center has established itself as a premier provider of outpatient alcoholism and substance-abuse treatment services since 1990 for both persons with substance use disorder and the significant others in their lives. We also operate a supportive living home, the Albert O. Nichols House, which is for men who have achieved significant periods of sobriety and are serious about furthering their recoveries. We are fully certified by New York State, and all of our services are strictly confidential. One of Western New York’s largest woman-owned businesses, Beacon Center’s philosophy is that substance use disorder is highly treatable and that all patients should be accorded dignity and respect with the goal of restoring their lives. For more information about our services, or to make an appointment for an evaluation, please call us at the number provided below.

Our Mission

Recognizing that recovery is possible for those who are suffering from alcoholism and substance abuse, Beacon Center is committed to offering the best treatment available at the level of least intrusion in patients’ lives. Patients’ treatment plans are individualized, and groups are offered to meet unique needs. The programs that Beacon Center has offered have evolved over the years as the needs of the community have changed, but our commitment to specialized services has remained the same. The care offered must be affordable and must reaffirm the individual’s self worth and inherent human dignity; to this end, staff must be caring, compassionate, and professionally competent, and the facility must be discreet, attractive, comfortable, and accessible.