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Albert O. Nichols House

Albert Oliver Nichols, a 2nd Lt in WWI, was the owner of Tut’s Bar and Grill at 201 King St in Herkimer, NY. He was a caring citizen and a loving father to Faith Nichols-Peterson who lived at an apartment over the Bar and Grill until his death when she was 10 years old. As an adult it was her dream to honor her father in some way and, from that, the Albert O. Nichols House was born. Located at the same 201 King St address, it is a supportive living environment for men, where the values of integrity, strength, and hard work-Tut’s values as a military man and business man-became values for recovery and as a way to honor his memory.

Today, the Albert O. Nichols House is a NYS OASAS certified community reintegration program. Anyone interested in the Albert O. Nichols House is evaluated and must meet criteria for admission. Typically people enter the program that are homeless or have a living environment not conducive to recovery. They must be in need of outpatient counseling and other support services such as vocational/educational programs, parenting training, community living skills, and personal hygiene/personal care skills. Residents will work to complete recovery goals and establish supports as they prepare to transition to their own homes or apartments in the community.

201 King Street, Herkimer, New York 13350

Telephone: 315-280-6626

Facsimile: 315-717-0289

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